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At YAKMA we are passionate about helping our students to fully develop their mental and physical abilities. Our system develops key life skills such as confidence, respect, mental strength and positivity in children ensuring they grow into strong independent adults. Our adult’s classes will give you Increased confidence and fitness, weight control, stress relief and much more.


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YAKMA Hapkido
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 by Lee Johnson
Martial Arts Suitable For All

Both my children study Hap Ki Do with YAKMA. My 10-year-old son started training about 18 months ago as a way to help him focus on the task at hand, improve his confidence, and develop his gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The improvement in all areas has been dramatic and my son loves studying with David Marriott twice per week. My daughter joined later and though petite for a 7-year-old does not let that stop her and she happily spars with other students, some twice her height and double her age. Her confidence has increased as has her skill. My children love training so much, they practise at home most days, usually with me as the punching bag, sorry, ‘training partner’!

Many thanks for the great review Lee

 by John Cadman
YAKMA Lessons

William joined YAKMA on his 5th birthday. He is now 12 and has enjoyed every minute of his 7 years training. Dave Marriott is one of the best and most patient instructors I know, taking time to help individuals to perfect their technique and enabling them to progress through their gradings. Hap Ki Do has not only helped William maintain an extremely high level of physical fitness, which has helped him in other sporting activities, it has also given him greater mental strength, patience and respect in all other areas of his life.

Thanks for the great review John

 by Chris Dexter
YAKMA Hapkido

"My children have trained at YAKMA since they were 5 and 6, and in this have benefited from the regular training, they are also learning that to achieve in life they have work hard and show determination and persistence. Thanks to Dave's teaching and patience they have learned that through hard work and determination they can achieve great things. I started training at YAKMA when I was 35. Since then I have pushed myself further than I ever thought I could. Classes are fun and great exercise, since joining Dave's classes I've managed to lose 3 stone and feel much fitter!"

Great review, many thanks Chris

 by Debbie Hill
YAKMA Classes

"Hap Ki Do is an incredible skill and discipline to learn which nurtures positivity and respect and builds on physical and mental strength. Over the four years that my Daughter has been part of Yakma, having joined at the age of eight, she has received excellent coaching and support and has developed an inner confidence which feeds through into other areas of her life. I would highly recommend Yakma Hap Ki Do to anyone who is looking for a positive outlet for themselves, or their children, to enjoy a group activity, improve their fitness and make good friendships."

Lovely review, many thanks Debbie

 by Jules Clarke & Dr Keren Bielby Clarke
YAKMA Hapkido

My wife and I agreed that our children would benefit from martial arts training in their life. Both of us had undertaken some training in our childhood (Judo/Karate/Jiu Jitsu) and we wanted to ensure that whomever we chose to teach our children instilled structure and discipline whilst fostering confidence within them. Friends recommended David Marriott (Yakma Hap Ki Do). We observed early sessions and with some internet research we concluded that it offered a very practical and balanced skillset (punches, kicks, holds, and groundwork). We quickly realised that David was not only a skilled practitioner - he could clearly articulate the techniques. After 8.5 years both children look forward with genuine enthusiasm to their sessions. Our initial hopes have been fulfilled, and it’s lovely to observe the mixed skill ranges and ages and how supportive they are of each other - all of this under David’s guidance. Hapkido is a fantastic activity to teach the value of the self and more importantly the development of individual confidence to achieve goals within a friendly and supportive environment.

What a wonderful review. Much appreciated